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Simple:  We are grateful to our clients for their business and, as such, our aim is to 'exceed expectation' every time.

Savy: The figures add up.  Outsourcing typing within business application will save costs but only when your online typing resource is as professional as you. 

Principles:  A combination of basic common sense and high personal values applied to sound business principles... a resource that supplements internal resources increasing efficiencies.

Maxim: ‘Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself’ a cliché but statement of belief at OutSec - Investors in People status was achieved in record time despite the lack of any central office function.

Values: A strong moral and ethical stance is maintained through all stages of the business, from initial typist applications to final delivery of completed work.

UK standards: British company operating under British law.  All secretaries have at least five years' PA experience within their sector.  They have made a life decision to leave their office and choose to work within their home environment.  They are the emblem of the company and OutSec remain grateful to them for their loyalty.

Pay: Suitable financial remuneration is paid to our database of highly skilled secretaries to reward their first-hand experience; hence minimal staff turnover, crucial to successful outsourced typing.  If you want cheap sweat-shop labour rates try another website.

OutSec does not:

  • make cold-calls or employ aggressive marketing tactics
  • use your personal details for sales purposes
  • practice ageism, sexism or religious discrimination
  • exploit the weak and disadvantaged

OutSec does:

  • exceed client expectations
  • realise that technology is designed to help, not replace, human beings
  • ensure that each client is suited to our services
  • try to do everything, every day, a little better than before                                           ___________________


              NHS, private practice, trusts, hospitals, GPs medico-legal, medical research dissertations, interviews


          Quantiative, commercial and structural surveying, estate agents, sales and letting agents, inventory clerks


    Barristers' chambers, solicitors, forensic accountants, sole practitioners, medico-legal witness statements


       Accountants, dissertations, research forums, interviews, broadcasting, film & prodution, insolvency, recruitment



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