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What equipment do I need?  Can I use a mobile phone?

A digital sound recorder or a SmartPhone enable easy dictation.  Check the Equipment page out, or if you already have a SmartPhone then click here for our App which enables recording on your SmartPhone.

Is typing quality assured?

OutSec have a global reach of secretaries available - only those of superior standard are chosen to work with the team.  The standard expected by clients is of 'similar or better than existing full time staff'.  With dedicated OutSec secretaries working in a peaceful environment with no interruptions or distractions [unlike an office environment] the quality is assured every time.

I haven't dictated before - is this a problem?

OutSec have recruited the creme de la creme of secretaries who not only type but also edit and perfect dictation.  This is what gives OutSec the edge over other providers. Your OutSec secretary is proactive in completing the work and typing additional helpful notes if you yourself are new to the art. Don't worry, this is part and parcel of the OutSec service - you are in safe hands!

Do you type directly into case management systems?

Yes, we work with the majority of case management systems and have typists familiar with their work.  For further information call Head Office on 01366 348088 and ask for appropriate sector Head of Department. 

What software do I need?

No additional software is required to use OutSec FileManager other than a web browser.  

Can you work with Apple Macs?

Yes, all software works on Apple Mac.

Why are OutSec brand leaders?

A question we are asked many times! It is a combination of things that make the OutSec service unique - a personal relationship between dictator and PA secretary, the passion for excellence and eye for detail, investment in the very best technology and a warm human element all go together to make the OutSec experience a polite, professional and pleasant one. Our care enables a real relationship to develop between client and typist. OutSec becomes a natural extension of your existing office.

For further information, click on Why OutSec?

What is the minimum charge for using your services?

OutSec has no minimum charge. There are no contracts, no fees, no monthly charges. OutSec charge on a per-minute basis, calculated on length of dictation. It is a true pay-as-you-go service with complete flexibility. The pricing model is based on length of time spoken.  For further information, click on Rates and Services

How do I know my dictation has been received?

An automatic email notification is generated as soon as dictation is uploaded to FileManager with a second confirmation email when work is ready for collection from the same secure password-protected area. You can be notified at two different email addresses at the same time, for example at work and home.

How long does it take to get set up?

If you already have a digital recorder or smartphone then your account can be set up in less than 10 minutes. You will be issued with a log-in name and password to your own secure password-protected area of FileManager.  This area incorporates a view of all files uploaded and returned, current invoice status and a Master Account facility for larger companies who need an overview of workflow from all internal dictators.  Comprehensive stats are clearly visible for management requirement.  To view the log-in page, click here.

Do you provide training?

OutSec recommends training for all pilot projects. Digital transcription from OutSec will become a vital part of your workflow management and it is crucial that implementation is as smooth as possible. OutSec will tailor a program to suit the way you work and the type of work generated. This may take the form of on-site or remote learning. At the end you will have access to your very own transcription service.

For further information, follow our quick link to:
Corporate roll-out

Do I have to repeat addresses every time I dictate something?

Templates store information and are amended as required. OutSec replicates all your office in-house formatting as well as integrating with workflow and case management systems. Repetition of standard addresses, phrases, and key words is avoided with add-in programmes, custom dictionaries, postcode search systems, autotext and autocorrect all added to client templates to ensure consistency.


My work is seasonal - Is this a problem?

No. The beauty of outsourcing is that it is a facility that you use when needed. However the more you use OutSec, the better your secretary will become at understanding your special requirements.

How do you charge and how can I pay?

OutSec charge on a recorded per-minute basis: £1.20 per minute of dictation or put another way, a 10 minute dictated report will cost £12+VAT. Check out our QuickQuote.  

Payment is quickest and easiest as an online transfer or alternatively, PayPal, credit card or cheque.

How do you invoice?

At month end; fully detailed by per-line entry for each sound file received and the time taken for transcription. Terms are net 30 days.

Where will my typing be done and by whom?

OutSec comprises 80% of staff based in the UK with additional teams of British secretaries covering North America, Europe and Australasia to take advantage of urgently required work being returned overnight.   Dedicated secretaries with 10 year's sector experience ensure familiarity is established quickly.  

Head office is in Norfolk with instant phone access via landline and/or mobile direct to Account Handler again provides comfort in getting a fast, quick response to any queries.  

A global database ensures work deadlines are always attainable subject to client requirements.

What is your Ethical Stance?

OutSec does not use any typing facilities in the Indian sub-continent, nor is it the intention to do so. We are emphatically a British company operating under British law. All OutSec secretaries will have first-hand experience of the British system, be it legal, medical, chartered surveying, estate agency or any other commercial sector. This invaluable knowledge and insight allows OutSec to maintain the high level of accuracy and quality of work required by our clients. A suitable financial compensation is paid to reward this experience. If you want cheap sweat-shop labour rates, try another website!

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Our philosophy

Where are you based and what does your name mean?

We are 100% British and a UK registered limited company with full UK VAT status. The head office is based in Norfolk, England with a division in the States.  The name comes from OUTsource SECretarial Services Limited which we felt was a little too long for the internet!

How long have you been operating?

OutSec was started by Vanessa French in 1999 and became a limited company in 2002. OutSec was recognised in 2004 and 2005 for its innovative approach by the DTI and won an E-Commerce Award both years for the use of teleworking. OutSec has won many other awards including ones from Barclays and BT.

How do you handle confidential work?

All our secretaries are bound by a Confidentiality Agreement. Sensitive work is processed in-house at Head Office on non-networked PCs by prior arrangement. 

OutSec Limited complies with The Data Protection Act. All files [both original and completed files] are automatically deleted from the FileManager server 40 days after work completion.  

The FileManager page is protected by Thawte. Thawte is trusted by millions of people worldwide. An SSL certificate is issued and shown on the login page. Rigorous authentication methods and a global infrastructure to support real-time certificate look-ups ensure that you are safe when logging in to OutSec FileManager. For more information please visit Additional levels of security are available - please contact the technical department for more information.

Are you Green?

OutSec has a strong commitment to the vitally important issue of climate change. See our Green Policy Statement for more details.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read them on our Terms and Conditions page.

What is your Privacy Statement?

Do you do translation work?

A number of clients use OutSec for translation work. All major and many minor languages are covered. Rates vary so please call to discuss with your head of department.

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