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OutSec FileManager¬© enables clients to upload sound files directly onto the OutSec website for immediate typing.  A one second click on a SmartPhone [equipped with the OutSec App] or digital recorder direct to provides a seamline process.  

We place the highest priority on the security and privacy of our users. Features include:

  • Secure client user name and password.
  • Data exchanged over a secure connection using industry standard SSL protocol with 128 bit encryption (the same as online banking systems).
  • OutSec FileManager certificated by Starfield.
  • Undisclosed security features which further protect and limited access (obtainable from Stuart Turner, Technical Director)

The reliability of this server on the Cloud is extremely high with matching levels of security.


Opening an account is easy.  The alloation of a unique log-in and password provides clients with access to their own secure site on the OutSec server. This secure personal site includes profile detail, invoice data [present and historical], activity/statistics data, as well as file management facilities.

It really is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Upload sound file [confirmation of receipt by email].

2. Allocation to dedicated secretary for typing.

3. Return of completed work [email alert].

Personal data includes facility to include numerous email confirmation addresses, such as PA, office and/or home.

Client logs-in to FileManager to pick up completed work, copying it back onto their own PC or, alternatively, is emailed that work has been completed within their Case Management System. 




FileManager has a unique client area accessed by a Master Menu that will provide full reporting functions normally associated only with Workflow systems. You can see how much you or your department are using OutSec, what the costs are, the turnaround times as well as create additional accounts and view historic invoice data.

OutSec FileManager with Master Account status allows online invoice settlement using a credit card via existing OutSec PayPal account.

*OutSec was started in 2002 with FileManager winnning the Department of Trade & Industry E-Commerce Awards in both 2004 and 2005.  OutSec is now recognised as one of the most robust and secure systems in the industry.



                 NHS, private practive, trusts, hospitals, medico-legal,                                       GPs, medical research dissertations, interviews  


              Quantiative, commercial and structural surveying,                    estate agents, sales and letting agents, inventory clerks


                 Barristers chambers, solicitors, forensic accountants,                      sole practitioners medico-legal witness statements, 


                  Accountants, dissertations, research forums, interviews,                  broadcasting, film & production, insolvency, recruitment



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