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Digital equipment you’ll need


I want to be able to use my mobile phone


It is now possible to use mobile phones to record and send files direct to OutSec. Here are some examples. 

Apple iPhone. There is a special OutSec program you can now buy from iTunes or iStore called Dictamus - £5.99 one-off payment with free upgrades or as a limited version free trial. If you load this on your phone it will not only turn it into a digital recorder but also allow you to submit work direct to FileManager from a screen that is already formatted to OutSec. Very clever indeed! No need to return to the office to send work. It is a quick easy install. The sound quality is excellent.

Blackberry. Certain Blackberry devices will now also record. You will need to check the size of your memory card as this will affect the length of recording you can make. With some mobiles files are sent by email so you will have to contact your ISP or mailbox provider to clarify whether your protocols allow this. Some mailboxes filter the soundfile attachment and see it as spam! OutSec would also need to set up a dedicated mailbox (at no extra charge). Later models can use wifi or mobile network. Go to for a free program.

Nokia. Similar to the Blackberry above in that email is the normal file transfer method.

I want to be able to record at my PC and outside the office

OutSec Choice: Olympus DS-2300
Suggested Price: Approx £150.

Olympus DS-2300

Finished in elegant brushed silver, the slim Olympus DS-2300 digital voice recorder hangs onto your every word and lets you capture important notes, meetings and seminars in style. Professional one-touch operation puts you in control and allows recordings and adjustments to be made with incredible ease. Up to 199 files can be saved in each of the five folders and use of removable xD-Picture Cards means this voice recorder has virtually unlimited storage capacity. Added to its versatility, it comes with the DSS Player Software to enhance all aspects of file management.

High quality recording in DSS format (SP/LP)
Extendable recording capacity with removable xD-Picture Cards
Editing: Insert, Overwrite, Delete and Security lock
5 folders, 199 messages per folder for file management
User ID setting via software
Data transfer to PC/Mac via USB cable and various adapters
Compatible with voice recognition software

Digital Equipment Suppliers - SPECIAL OFFER
For a special price on digital recorders please call DictateIT on 0207 222 1531 and ask for Brian Hart. Mention that the recorder is to be used with OutSec FileManager.

OutSec Second Choice: Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9350
Suggested Price: Approx £165.

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9350 The Digital Pocket Memo® with download capability to PC is a powerful easy-to-use dictation tool that allows automatic or manual transfer of voice data to your PC, while at the same time maintaining superb sound quality. The Philips 9350 makes your workload so much easier to organise. Information recorded via the hand-held 9350 dictation unit is easily recognised on your PC thanks to the Workflow Management facility.

Records into the more compact DSS file format
16MB MultiMedia (MMC) removable memory card - holds 4 hours quality digital audio
A very simple recorder to use
Ideal for those moving up from tape-based systems.

I want to be able to record a 1-1 interview

OutSec Choice: Olympus DS-3300
Suggested Price: Approx £230.

Olympus DS-3300

The Olympus DS-3300 digital voice recorder ensures every word at meetings, interviews or during personal dictations is captured and can be seamlessly integrated with the office PC or Macintosh system to further enhance workflow efficiency. Just about every function is accessible by one thumb operation and furthermore, a customisable button is on hand and can be set to suit the user’s specification. In conjunction with the user-friendly DSS Player Pro software, it enables professional users to further streamline their workflow to enhance business effectiveness.

I want to record a conference or meeting

OutSec Choice: Olympus DS-2200
Suggested Price: Approx £400.

Olympus DS-2200

The Olympus DS-2200 Conference Kit guarantees that you won't miss a word at a conference or that important board meeting. Comprising a sleek, aluminium DS-2200 digital stereo recorder (right) with removable 128Mb xD picture-card and state of the art AKG stereo microphones, you can record over four hours of group discussions and negotiations in stereo quality. An optional 512 MB xD-picture card is available to extend top quality recording time to 17 hours.

Thanks to its two multidirectional microphones, no matter where you are sitting your voice can be heard (up to 30 feet) with superb clarity. The system includes the ME51S (see right) stereo microphone, ideal for one-to-one interviews. Files can be effortlessly transferred to a computer via its USB docking station. The included software package containing DSS Player Software allows efficient management and editing of files, saving you valuable time.

The recordings can be e-mailed to the meetings participants, burned onto CD/DVD -ROM or passed on for traditional transcription via the OutSec website.

The optional Olympus transcription kit, featuring footswitch, headset and DSS player transcription software allows four playback modes -- stereo, mono, left mic and right mic. Also included is a remote control, which also functions as a microphone. The system can be mains or battery-operated. For recording on the move, the DS-2200 Conference Kit comes with a useful carrying case and strap.

I want to be able to transcribe some work in-house

OutSec Choice: Olympus AS-4000
Suggested Price: Approx £160.

Olympus AS-4000

Comprising of a footswitch, headset and DSS Player Pro transcription software, the AS-4000 Transcription Kit makes typing up dictation easy. The transcription software module in particular helps streamline every aspect of the process. For example, in and out trays facilitate document management while job status information (finished, pending, cancel job) gives you an immediate overview.

The automation of work processes such as the receipt and redirection of dictations to corresponding in-trays via FTP, POP3, STMP or network is also possible.




What type of digital recorder should you buy?

These days the majority of our clients use their SmartPhone to dictate and send us files.  The sound is excellent and it is simple to send files to us from anywhere and whenever.

There are however people who prefer to work at their desk and dictate using a digital recorder; however please note:

Do’s and Don’ts

DO get a high quality voice-recording device - buy the best you can afford. Voice recorders are like digital cameras - the more you pay, the better the final product. Higher sound quality means quicker transcription times and lower costs in the end for you. It is a false economy to buy the cheapest.

DON'T buy a note-taker. They do not have the facilities or quality required. Normally there is no pause button, so a new file is created every time you stop and the sound is poor. They are what they are...note-takers, rather than dictation machines.

DO get a recorder with a standard .wav or .dss sound file format facility if possible. We can also accept mp3 and dvf files as well as many others but check first with OutSec. It can then be transcribed by anyone with standard transcription equipment. It is an easy mistake to buy equipment that uses an obscure file format which cannot be opened or played except by specialist software provided by the manufacturer. Olympus and Philips are the best options. 

DON'T get an obscure make with an odd sound file format, or use a basic MP3 recorder as the files will have to be converted first. Sony files are particularly big and awkward to send and convert. The ideal files are .dss as they are small and ideal for transmission to OutSec FileManager. If a file is more than 1MEG per minute, you will have a problem with bandwidth. As a guide, a 1MEG .dss file will equate to approximately 10 minutes dictation.

DO buy from a recommended supplier. The Olympus and Philips websites have a list. We send our clients to DMCL in London who are an official supplier for both companies. Buying from a cheaper source may save money in the short-term, but lack of back-up service and technical support will soon make this a temporary benefit. DMCL know the OutSec FileManager program and will ensure you buy the correct model.

DON'T buy from a cheap high-street or internet store. They will not necessarily sell you the right product for your needs.

DO consider what you want from a recorder. Will it be used outdoors? Will it have a hard life or be cosseted in a warm comfy office? All models are built to a price, so if you need a more rugged model, expect to pay more. If you just record at your desk, the Philips SpeechMike may be an alternative option.

DON'T expect a basic recorder to be able to do anything other than record your voice. If you want to do interviews, meetings or conferences, then make sure you get the right microphones and recording equipment.

DO establish, before you buy, if want to edit and re-record dictated work before you send it to OutSec. Make sure your model has this facility - not all of them do.



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