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OutSec FileManager¬© is an award-winning* innovative way to send and receive files from iPhones, Smartphones, iPad or PC [Windows and Macs]. 

Simple and Effective

1.  Upload sound file to FileManager.

2.  Email confirmation sent to recipient/secretary or alternative.

3.  Automatic receipt by dedicated OutSec secretary.

4.  Email confirmation that work is ready for collection/typed up within appropriate case management system to recipient/ secretary or alternative.

We place the highest priority on the security and privacy of our users, vital in today's world and essential across industry. Features include:

In addition:

Our typists are professional, quality-driven and recognise the importance of maintaining confidentiality, particularly when handling high-profile, sensitive assignments. Non-disclosure agreements are in place where applicable to reassure our clients of our commitment in this regard.


Master Account Holder

In addition FileManager provides the option of a Master Menu account holder, useful for managers needing access to reporting functions normally associated with Workflow systems.  Within this facility you can see how much you or your department are using OutSec, what the costs are, the turnaround times as well as create additional accounts and view historic invoice data.  

OutSec FileManager with Master Account status allows the settlement online of invoices using a credit card via and/or PayPal account.

*OutSec FileManager has always led the way in innovation.  Started in 2002 it instantly won the Department of Trade & Industry E-Commerce Awards in both 2004 and 2005 and is recognised as a leader in industry.



                 NHS, private practive, trusts, hospitals, medico-legal,                        GPs, medical research dissertations, interviews  


              Quantiative, commercial and structural surveying,                    estate agents, sales and letting agents, inventory clerks


                 Barristers chambers, solicitors, forensic accountants,                      sole practitioners medico-legal witness statements, 


           Accountants, dissertations, research forums, interviews.  broadcasting, film & production, insolvency, recruitment



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