OutSec has a department to advise your company on a corporate roll-out of outsourced secretarial servicesOutSec offers proactive assistance to larger companies when rolling out a programme of outsourced typing. OutSec has experience in dealing with large numbers of offices and can co-ordinate a strategy that will remove the burden of organisation and implementation by liaising closely with client Head Office and giving constant feedback on the progress. Services can include:

  • On-site assistance to employees with technical limitations in software and hardware knowledge
  • Assessment and feedback to client Head Office of employee motivation in using the new system
  • Process of staff education covering dictation style and technique, Word templates and file transfer
  • Improvement of existing template and archiving structures if needed
  • Co-ordination of company style between offices covering font, layout, colours, methodology etc creating a company bible
  • Feedback to individual originators of work covering accuracy and clarity of dictation
  • Detailed invoicing on a monthly basis
  • Identification of workflow patterns and usage, weekly, monthly and seasonal
  • Breakdown of individual usage of the outsourcing facility on a monthly basis
  • Re-drafting and improvement of dictated work for those whose use of English and grammar is poor
  • Dedicated member of staff with a direct phone line and email address to handle all client enquiries
  • Personal on-site visits from OutSec staff to develop closer working relationships
  • Better terms of credit

The main departments are:


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