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Does it add up for you to be typing?

Across industry outsourced typing supplements internal support staff whilst increasing efficiencies and cutting costs:  

Established in 2002 OutSec are now the leading supplier of outsourced typing provision for the financial markets:

The following are examples from our database of clients.  

  • accountants
  • management consultants
  • business schools
  • financial advisors
  • regulatory bodies
  • merchant banks
  • building societies
  • forensic accountants
  • company doctors
  • compliance companies


iPhone + App + Typist = provision of dedicated typing solution for all industry.

OutSec has created a dedicated department especially for its clients in the financial services arena covering everything from business surveys to company reports.OutSec only utilises the skills of experienced typists, matching them to the individual needs of clients in order to offer a high quality outsourcing solution.

The OutSec software has minimal impact on existing systems and working practices: users digitally dictate their work in the usual fashion and send sound files to OutSec using our FileManager web browser interface. OutSec then returns the transcribed Word documents and returns them to the client area on FileManager, ready for printing and posting. 

Standard Service - £1.20 (plus VAT) - per recorded minute and within 24 hours turnaround

Priority Service - £1.50 (plus VAT) - per recorded minute and within 4 hours turnaround

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