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General Information regarding transcription of interviews
OutSec employs 3 different types of standard interview transcription:

Unless specifically requested to the contrary, all interviews will be transcribed as ‘intelligent verbatim’.

a) Intelligent Verbatim
A degree of discretion is applied by the typist. A common-sense approach will eliminate words not relevant to the subject matter, for example repetition, erms, ahs, etc. This is the least expensive option and suitable for most needs. Queries are highlighted in red alongside the time marker from the recording for ease of reference.

This style of report would normally be requested for:

  • recruitment interviews
  • telephone interviews
  • journalist articles
  • lecture notes
  • reports
  • conferences
  • board meetings

b) Verbatim
Everything is included in the transcript. This is a 100% accurate record of the submitted recording and will include repetition, erms, ahs, etc. No abbreviations or alterations are used. Queries or unclear diction are typed in red within the text along with the time marker from the recording for ease of reference.

This style of report would normally be requested for:

  • witness statements
  • some university research projects
  • medical research notes
  • speeches

c) Intelligent
The typist has full discretion to edit and proof the transcribed work. The completed document will be a summary of the subject matter. This report may be used as the reference for another article or project.

This style of report would normally be requested for:

  • speeches
  • conferences
  • telephone interviews
  • general transcripts

The time taken to transcribe multiple voice recordings and interviews is dependent on a number of variables, including number of voices, quality of recording, clarity and accent of participants, complexity of subject matter and type of transcript required (see above). Each job will be assessed and an indicative cost given to the client.

Our standard rate for a single voice recording is £1.00 per recorded minute, charged on a per-minute usage basis (rounded up, so 1m3s would be charged at 2 minutes). Most interviews will take between 4 and 8 times the length of the recording to transcribe and check.

The following may assist you in assessing costs for a project based on a standard turnaround but please contact us for a more accurate quote:

  • Single voice dictation: £1.00 per minute
  • One-to-one interview: £1.50 per minute
  • 3-5 speakers/conference: £1.80 per min
  • Focus Group/multiple speakers: £2.10 per min

All prices are plus VAT at the standard rate.


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