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The Inventory Clerk

I started my business early in 2000 fitting it in around the birth of my first child Amy, during June of that year. I had left my job as a secretary in an estate agency and had wanted to do something from home but realised that with a child in tow it was not going to be an easy call! Inventory work fitted the criteria of being able to work around a young child and enabled me to choose what jobs I took on.

All worked magically for about a year or rather until the spring of 2001 when I found that I was pregnant with my second child. It was then that I realised that either I was going to have to give up the perfect job or I was going to have to put Amy into nursery. But she was still only eighteen months old! It was then that I heard about OutSec. OutSec was, it appeared taking the inventory market by storm by enabling clerks to send their work online to a team of specialist inventory typists. I wasted no time in finding out their number and following a long chat could see that this service could be the answer to my prayers, if only they were as good as they said! And they were! I have now been sending them my work for the last four years. I now have a third child and am still managing to work around them all earning a good income.

One of the main advantages of the system is that you can use it as and when you want; in the early days I still typed when I could and outsourced very little but as time has gone on with more and more other commitments I now send virtually all of my work to them. Not only are they brilliant in what they do but they are such a friendly service that I now count them as my friends! OutSec – many thanks!

Inventory Clerk


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