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Why OutSec?



Traditional costsOutSec savings
Fixed labour costs Flexible labour costs
Reliance on temporary staff Permanently available trained secretaries
Demand on desk space More office space
Employment headaches No employment costs [NI, tax or sickness benefits]
Lost days through sickness, holiday etc  
  • No PAYE or National Insurance issues
  • Office space is freed up for more productive and profitable use
  • Inefficient use of temporary staff is removed
  • Constant access to a highly qualified secretary is assured
  • Familiarity with your office practices ensures greater accuracy
  • Savings on recruitment costs and associated HR time taken to interview new staff
  • Allows your key staff to focus on core competencies
  • Greater productivity and profitability
  • Send work to OutSec from any PC or Mobile Phone
  • Complete flexibility of location at home, in the office or abroad
  • Intelligent application of latest technology
  • Scaleable solution for any number of users
  • Safe, secure file transfer system eliminating email



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