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The Key Benefits of Transcription

With the effects of Covid companies are adapting and embracing new ways of working.  This includes outsourcing work such as IT, accounting, fulfilment, marketing and typing.  By outsourcing key process-based support functions, companies make considerable cost savings and maximise their internal resources.

“When we think of outsourcing, we often only think about the savings that will be achieved by the work being done at a lower cost” but “at £35+/hour in-house compared to £18 outsourced surely no typing should ever be done by employed staff?”

The above speaks for itself. However it is important to also understand the other benefits that can be achieved by outsourcing your typing requirements:

Increased Productivity

Companies often believe that fee earners typing their own documents is value-for-money. But this simply isn’t the case. Internal employed staff are always paid in excess of £18/hour and, therefore, any time spent typing is uneconomical.  It is therefore very expensive typing! Fact not fiction!

Why is ‘dictation’ more efficient than typing your own work?

Consider the facts: The average person speaks between 140 and160 words per minute but

  • The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute but
  • The trained touch-typist types between 70 and 100 words per minute!

The above proves that dictation is four times faster than ‘average’ typing but ‘outsourcing typing’ can be twice as fast.  Therefore OutSec is the most cost and time effective solution for companies wishing to maximise profits by smart thinking.

Immediate Access to Experienced Transcriptionists

OutSec only employ highly experienced transcriptionists. Every member of OutSec’s transcriptionist team has had over 7 years’ experience and has been cherry-picked for his/her exceptional proficiency. All typists have appropriate sector-specific qualifications such as CILEx, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Legal Secretary certification, AMSPAR, NVQ and Information Governance certified in medical and many were in senior management prior to leaving the workplace and working with us.

With their experience, they truly understand the importance of client confidentiality and accuracy in their work. This makes OutSec’s transcription team, one of the best in the industry and they are available to you and your company, at the touch of a button.

  • having issues recruiting a secretary in your area?
  • struggling to find a transcriptionist with the right experience?
  • struggling with a backlog of work?

Then why not use OutSec?

Reduces Costs

When you employ staff you are legally obliged to pay monthly salaries including:

  • PAYE, National Insurance, Pension contributions
  • employee liability insurance
  • absences (holiday, maternity and sickness)
  • private health insurance & or travel (optional)

On top of this there are fixed costs such as:

  • square desk footage 
  • utility bills
  • computers, telephones,
  • coffee & water machines
  • cleaning of premises/windows

The list is fairly endless!

Unproductive Time

Additionally most employers forget the indirect costs of employment such as “unproductive” time.  Recent research suggests that “In an 8 hour day, the average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes”

Clearly, by outsourcing your transcription needs, you eliminate any unproductive time.  By using OutSec, you pay per minute of recorded dictation (rounded up to the nearest minute) and nothing more – as simple as that.

Reduces Expensive Office Space

By outsourcing transcription needs, the amount of office space you need will reduce.

According to Business Matters Magazine: “The average cost to rent an office space per person, per month is between £650 and £1,500”  in London.

This means that the cost of desk space in London is therefore somewhere between £7,800 to £18,000 per annum.

Just on this cost alone you could approximately have somewhere between 6,500 and 15,000 minutes of dictation typed up by OutSec instead!

Reduces HR Costs

Hiring, training and supervising secretarial and typing staff is time-consuming and often falls under the domain of HR.  Costs of a new employee include:

  • advertising for the position
  • follow through interviews/references
  • in-house or remote training
  • contract provision

However, once you partner with OutSec it becomes their responsibility to employ, recruit and train typists for your company at no additional cost.

Sickness Absence

According to the National Office of Statistics, an “estimated 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2019, the equivalent to 4.4 days per worker”.  The most common reasons for sicknesses were:

  • minor illnesses
  • mental health conditions
  • musculoskeletal problems

Holiday Pay

Whilst statutory paid holiday entitlement in the UK is 28 paid holiday days, most employers in the UK give considerably more holidays to their employees.

Indeed, “the average UK holiday entitlement including public holidays is 33.5 days – that’s more than a week above the statutory minimum”.

Clearly, by outsourcing your transcription needs, you eliminate this cost to your firm.

Changes a Fixed Cost to a Flexible Cost

Many companies recognise that replacing a static fixed cost with a flexible skilled outsourced provider has many positives.  If your typing requirements are low, then the costs are low. This also enables the ability to upscale on support as the company grows or in times when workloads are high.

Consequently, OutSec can offer support by either acting as a complete, secure, outsourced solution or as an overflow facility

Business Continuity Planning

Covid-19 proved that outsourced typing is a valuable resource for any business.

Some businesses were forced to close their doors when lockdowns came into effect; however OutSec continued to operate as normal.

As one of our clients stated: We are so grateful to OutSec.  With sudden lock-down, OutSec remained there for us.  They have been our sole typing provider for the last five years and have never let us down.  In fact many of our any competitors really struggled with meeting typing deadlines giving us a huge advantage in the marketplace!”.

Using OutSec affords your business a continuity solution enabling you to access experienced typing support that expands (or contracts) with your company’s specific needs. You can also use OutSec for upscaling support as the company grows, without the need for employing additional typing staff (or indeed, any of the employment costs or risks thereof).

Eliminate the need for temporary staff

Everyone suffers from staff absences.  This is inescapable!  Fact not fiction!  Staff mainly take their holiday entitlement in the summer months. However illness is also inevitable and can be ‘sudden’. Environmental factors such as snow, or other extreme weather events, can also result in staff being unable to make it into the office.  So what to do?

By using OutSec in times of absence you are ‘guaranteed’ a typist/s to fill the gap.  In addition, as a PAYG service, this reduces the need of using expensive temporary staff.  By having an on-going facility, that understands your way of working you are ‘cushioned’ for sudden absences and the difficulties that may occur in meeting typing deadlines.  A bit like an insurance policy; we are there for any eventuality.

In conclusion OutSec provide a dedicated typing solution for all company needs.  As a result a permanent typing solution is available at a fraction of the cost of using valuable internal resources. Continuity and accuracy are assured by the service, often unobtainable in an office.  No distractions enables our typists to get to work and provide transcripts of the highest quality in the timeframe required. You can tap into the service requiring more typists in busier periods and less in others.  Completely flexible and tailored to our client needs, OutSec is the number one choice for UK businesses:

  • Reduces in-house typing costs (30% average)
  • Constant access to high quality dedicated typists
  • Assures typing deadlines are met irrespective of volumes
  • Cuts back on office space & associated staff admin (HR, in-house training)
  • Assures ‘premium’ quality versus ‘locality’ typist availability
  • Transforms fixed costs to variable
  • Works seamlessly alongside your existing team
  • 24/7 availability
With OutSec there are no contracts and no hidden fees , a complete Pay-As-You-Go service enabling companies to focus on maximising internal resources to concentrate on growth and prosperity.
Reduce your costs by a minimum of 30% on internal employed typists.  Simply put dictation is charged at £1.20 per minute of recording audio (+VAT) which equates to £12 (+VAT) an hour.  On average with all overheads and ’employee’ expenses an internal typist (dependent on specialty and location) can cost anywhere between £28-42 an hour.  The savings are obvious!

Why not open an account today and reap the benefits of premium typing at reduced costs.

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