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OutSec have twenty years’ experience providing a specialist transcription service to meet the advances made in specialised audio equipment. Conferences & Seminars often vary in format and demand. OutSec turns audio into transcript so it is available instantly for clients. We can time code the document or insert appropriate text, such as speaker, audience etc. Moreover it is now commonplace for transcripts to be provided as reading material long after the event acting as a true record being preserved in time.

YouTube & Vimeo Video Transcription

OutSec can transcribe directly from YouTube or Vimeo videos. Please enquire about other video hosting services. In addition, OutSec transcripts are suitable for YouTube captioning. As a result, this can improve your video search results.


OutSec Transcriptionists



Podcast Transcription Service – Podcasting Transcripts

OutSec provide a wide variety of podcast transcription services. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the podcast. If you would like to discuss this please ring Tracey Pulfer on 01366 348088 or email her at with your specific requirements.

Selecting Audio Recording Equipment

OutSec have a wealth of experience of audio recording equipment but the variety on the net can be quite confusing! Whether a simple dictation or multiple speaker focus group, it is essential to have the correct recording device. Conferences & Seminars can be very varied! Above all by choosing the best equipment you will get the best transcript! If you would like to take advantage of our free Consultancy Service please call Tracey Pulfer on 01366 348088 or email her on

What Type of Transcription Service Do I Need?

Deciding which type of transcription to use depends wholly on the intended use of the content. Conferences & Seminars can depend on end of use application.  A disciplinary report often needs to be word-for-word as also in the case of psychology reports.  The explanations below will help you decide which type of transcription will be best for your project.

Are You Nervous?

Don’t be!  Perhaps you have fears about security and confidentiality?  Rest assured these elements are crucial for all clients! Because of this we’ve heavily invested in these areas over the years and have one of the most secure systems in the marketplace.

Flexible Service

With no contracts and no minimum requirements, we offer clients a PAYG service. There are no hidden fees or minimum monthly spend. Typists can be added or subtracted so your typing deadlines are always met.

Best Quality

All typists are cherry-picked! Yes, with 150 applications a day we can afford to choose the best! Not a question of picking the best in the vicinity we have the entire country to choose from. As a result client expectations are often exceeded.

ISO 27001

Did you know that ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security and vital in today’s tech-centric world? Certification rubber-stamps government approval on all levels and is recognised throughout industry.

Tracey Pulfer

Senior Manager

Tracey joined OutSec in November 2014, following 25 years’ secretarial and management experience in the legal/financial planning and estate agency sectors. Her enterprise skills and acute attention to detail, alongside a good sense of humour, have enabled her to grow the departments substantially over three years and, having doubled income, she handed over the reins of two departments to Mark Hope in the middle of 2017.

Lizzie Montague

Deputy Manager

Lizzie joined OutSec in September 2015 following 17 years’ secretarial experience in the management consulting and executive search sectors, including a three-year assignment in Australia which she loved. Returning to the UK she was recommended to join OutSec as a platform to continue using her secretarial skills whilst also bringing up her family. Lizzie has been an excellent member of the team.

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