From Physical Mail to Digital: A Revolutionised Post Room

OutSec Blog From Physical Mail to Digital A Revolutionised Post Room Post Partner and OutSec Transcription Picture shows multicoloured mail that is sorted

OutSec, the UK’s online leading transcription company, looks at an innovative way that Post Partner is revolutionising the post room and making physical documents, digital.

As many of us transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, there remained the issue of receiving physical documents which were sent to offices.  Often staff had to go into offices (when they could) to sort the mail and then distribute it, which was not easy.

However, Tom Bailey and his team at Post Partner were on hand to help offices, navigate the pandemic.  They provided an innovative way of working to revolutionise the post room; to transition from physical to digital.  We, therefore, believe this could be the way forward, especially, where more offices transition to being ‘paperless’.  But also especially for those who wish to transition to requiring less physical space or being ‘officeless’.

Like the rest of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed things for Post Partner too. They have seen a distinct shift towards an entirely outsourced, SRA (Solicitors’ Regulation Authority) compliant, service. There is no great surprise here, given it allows firms to keep the information flowing, without anyone having the attend the office.

So How Does It Work?

The post is either re-directed or couriered to Post Partner’s Headquarters, which is based in South Manchester. Post Partner will sort, scan, index and return digital copies to their clients, as per their particular instructions. Consequently, hard copies are either returned, stored or shredded (based on agreed guidelines).

How Post Partner Can Help You

You can outsource all or part of your scanning operation to the Post Partner team. Meaning hard copy documents are scanned, indexed and can also be submitted to your firm’s case management system. Post Partner recognises that your requirements are likely to change over time. As a consequence, they offer flexible contracts to reflect this. Finally, by removing the daily post from the office, you can take a significant step toward becoming ‘paperless’, ‘paper lite’ or indeed ‘officeless’.

Some clients use Post Partner on an ad-hoc basis, while others are fully integrated, using Post Partner as their remote mailroom.

Post Partner is one of OutSec’s Trusted Associates

Post Partner

Post Partner has been providing market-leading scanning solutions to law firms, big and small, for the last three years. They combine cutting-edge software, hardware and detailed industry knowledge to provide an unparalleled offering.

Prices start at just £25 ‘per batch’ and we can tailor our contract to suit your requirements; batch by batch through to a 36-month contract.

What Clients Say About Post Partner?

Matt Ratliff from Sort Legal said:

‘Post Partner has been a crucial supplier to us during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has allowed these very abnormal times to remain as normal as possible for our fee earners.’

Adrian Harrow from Convey Law:

‘The inclusion of Post Partner as part of our strategic vision has proven to be an excellent decision, and in ways, we couldn’t have predicted.  Fee earners working remotely due to the lockdown restrictions have had quick and easy access to the daily post via our case management system, enabling transactions to proceed without unnecessary delay. This will continue to be crucial functionality for us as we embrace the ‘new normal’, which we anticipate will involve a good deal of remote working. We also predict that being jolted into this way of working by the pandemic will significantly accelerate our journey to becoming a genuinely ‘paper-less’ office in the coming months.’

Adrian Harrow – Convey Law

Contact Details

For further information please contact Tom Bailey at or 07981 140 151.

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Why is Dictation More Efficient than Typing?

Well, the simple fact is that we can all speak considerably faster than we can physically type:

“The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute”.

A “good rate of speech ranges between 140 -160 words per minute.

In other words, dictation is up to four times faster than we can type. Therefore, simply dictating a document is more cost-efficient, giving you more time to dedicate your efforts elsewhere in your business.

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