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Why is Medical Transcription so important?​

It’s all to do with the growth of technology.  Diagnoses, reports, referrals all need instant typing.  Can you say your practice is stress-free, meeting deadlines easily and without complication?  Couldn’t you do with a medical transcription service to accommodate as much or as little typing as required?

Often practices could do with a service that can accommodate as much or as little transcript typing as they require. OutSec typists can ‘guarantee’ timeframes on when you can expect your transcripts can be returned to you after medical dictation.

These guaranteed timeframes can be given due to the OutSec medical team all having at least 5 years’ worth of experience in their chosen speciality. Each typist works directly with doctors, practice managers, clinicians and surgeons to get an understanding of their individual needs and particular styles. After all not everyone dictates in the same style!

Many medical internal staff have competing deadlines across multiple work areas, meaning urgent typing gets pushed back or missed. Having an account with Outsec means typists are available for any ‘sudden’ occasion.

  • Each client is provided with a dedicated account manager who oversees all their needs and contact. Our OutSec FileManager system is a bespoke workflow solution with a free app that marries dictation and typing. In fact it does more than that, it turns your smartphone into a digital recorder that can be used instantly, from anywhere, 24/7 hours a day.  Our typists make the medical transcriptions directly into patient management systems, or into Word before uploading into the management system. As a result typing deadlines are met daily and without fuss.



OutSec Transcriptionists


Why use the OutSec Medical Transcription Solution?

We have been in business since 2002 and are ISO27001 Certified, as well as Cyber Security Accredited. We take pride in the quality of work we provide clients and produce a medical transcription service that reduces the man-power needed in practice.

Many practices send all their dictation work to us so their staff can focus on core responsibilities and patient care:

  • Typing costs are reduced by 30%+.  
  • Efficiencies are improved.  
  • No more recruitment and training costs for new and/or temporary staff.     

All OutSec medical typists are Information Governance certified and comply with all current GDPR and Data Security Regulations.

OutSec has a strict policy on sensitive information, which is why we take data protection and security to its highest levels as confirmed by Certifications.  If you would like confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) signed this is not a problem and references can be provided should you request them.

Are You Nervous?

Don’t be!  Perhaps you have fears about security and confidentiality?  Rest assured these elements are crucial for all clients! Because of this we’ve heavily invested in these areas over the years and have one of the most secure systems in the marketplace.

Flexible Service

With no contracts and no minimum requirements, we offer clients a PAYG service. There are no hidden fees or minimum monthly spend. Typists can be added or subtracted so your typing deadlines are always met.

Best Quality

All typists are cherry-picked! Yes, with 150 applications a day we can afford to choose the best! Not a question of picking the best in the vicinity we have the entire country to choose from. As a result client expectations are often exceeded.

ISO 27001

Did you know that ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security and vital in today’s tech-centric world? Certification rubber-stamps government approval on all levels and is recognised throughout industry.

Stephanie Carmichael​

Senior Manager

Stephanie joined OutSec in July 2016 following a successful management career in the NHS and private sector, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and considerable experience of working with Senior Executives and Health Care Professionals.  With a clear and concise understanding of Business Plans, budgets, forecasting, and confidential reporting in the pressurised modern day environment of healthcare and meeting the stringent requirements of NHS targets and private healthcare marketing.

Caroline Moore​

Deputy Manager

Caroline returned to OutSec in April 2020 having previously worked for us between September 2010 and October 2014, during which time she managed the Property and Commercial sectors. Caroline is a highly experienced and enthusiastic professional who takes pride in delivering excellent customer service and has a broad spectrum of skills having worked in both management and support roles across a number of specialist industry sectors in the UK and Germany including Pharmaceutical, Legal, Executive Recruitment and Construction Training.

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