OutSec Retains ISO 27001

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OutSec the UK’s leading online transcription company is proud to announce they have retained their ISO 27001 certification (BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017) for a fourth year. OutSec’s achievement of ISO 27001 demonstrates the company’s continual commitment to data security, customer service and quality in the delivery of their services.  ISO 27001 accreditation was initially awarded on 8 April 2019. Certification Body, British Assessment Bureau conducted the independent assessment. OutSec’s ISO 27001 certificate number is 219012. To confirm the ‘Live status’ of this certificate you can use the Certificate Verification tool located here.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised information security standard, it is designed therefore to establish and maintain an effective systematic approach to managing data security and sensitive information. The Information Security Management System preserves data confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying a risk management process.

How do you obtain ISO Certification?

Just to be clear, ISO 27001 is not about “box-ticking” like some accreditation schemes or charter marks. It is a demanding standard because there has to be a commitment from the top of any organisation downward. Therefore people with the correct knowledge and skills must implement ISO 27001. To qualify you have to:

  • Identify Information Technology risks;
  • Assess the implications of those risks;
  • Have appropriate systems to limit the potential damage.

Most importantly, an external auditor assesses the organisation for ISO 27001. Therefore an organisation must work hard to retain ISO 27001 status. Consequently, they need to demonstrate continuous improvement.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Accreditation to the international information security standard, therefore, demonstrates that OutSec has:

  • Systematically examined all potential security risks and threats;
  • Robust security controls and procedures in place.

The standard gives confidence to all our customers that we take data security and confidentiality very seriously indeed. As there is no such thing as “GDPR Certification”, having ISO 27001 is the next best thing to show that a company upholds its data obligations to an extremely high-security standard that is recognised worldwide. To retain accreditation to the latest IS0 27001 standard, OutSec will therefore be assessed annually.  We will also need to demonstrate continual improvement. In addition, OutSec has earned the right to display the coveted ISO 27001 certification mark. This will therefore now appear on its website and in any marketing material to demonstrate its conformity to the standard.

Another Achievement for OutSec

Vanessa French, Managing Director on passing the recent audit said:

“We are, once again, proud to have successfully met the strict annual re-assessment demands for ISO 27001 Certification. The Standard, as an independent assessment, also confirms that OutSec complies with all GDPR legislation.  The rigorous testing by the auditors provides comfort to both existing and future clients that we are up to date with all aspects related to systems management, IT, security and data protection”.

If you would like to know more about this Government-backed accreditation programme please visit British Assessment Bureau’s website here.

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